Blake Shelton is known for being a tease, so we weren't too surprised when a sneak peek teaser video popped up for his upcoming music video, 'God Gave Me You.' In this minute-and-a-half clip, the 'Honey Bee' hitmaker gives a few behind-the-scenes glimpses, and shares why this song -- and video -- are so close to his heart.

We don't get to see much of what happens on the reel, but the clip does hint at the fact that the video won't only focus on Shelton's relationship, rather young romance, parent-child love and other kinds of closeness. The video will cut back and forth between those scenes and Shelton performing the song in a (very hot) warehouse.

This isn't just any run-of-the-mill music video, however. Because the song itself is so important to 'The Voice' coach, he wanted the video to be just as special, and included clips of his wife Miranda Lambert from their wedding day. While we've heard plenty about what went on during the May 14 matrimonial shindig, this will be one of the very rare times that we actually get to peek inside the big day.

"I think the video came off really neat. There's some actual footage of Miranda at our wedding; a couple of days before and after the wedding we did some video stuff," Shelton spills. "Man, the song's very personal to me. I'm glad we were able to get the band in there, and I think it's more a visual piece than it is creating a story line, because the song within itself says everything that I wanted to say. So, check it out!"

Blake Shelton's 'God Gave Me You' video will premiere on September 6.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Blake Shelton's 'God Gave Me You' Video