Blake Shelton explores the power of human connection in his new video for 'God Gave Me You.' In the clip that showcases the contemplative ballad, Shelton cleans up nice. He's well-dressed as he performs and plays guitar in an abandoned space, and vignettes and slice-of-life scenes featuring three other people unfold before our eyes.

The vid, which you can view here after entering your email address, opens with Shelton's new bride Miranda Lambert talking about making it through and getting to where they are now. The clip ends with Lambert, also, as she says that she loves Shelton. So romantic, right?

Shelton splits his screen time with a diner waitress with sad eyes. She is being yelled at by angry customers who look unhappy with their orders, and a fellow waitress plows into her while on the floor. It's a rough day on the job, but that all washes away and fades into the background when the woman is reunited with her young daughter at the end of the day. She lights up and looks like changed woman as she and her daughter embrace.

Next, we meet a boy in high school who looks like a freshman (that "Welcome Freshmen" banner is the hint) and he is late to class. His situation has all the makings of a stressful teenage scenario, but things look up when the only empty seat in the classroom is next to a pretty brunette who shows him where they are in the text book and offers a warm and inviting smile. The pair is later seen hanging out outside of class, so the seeds of something more have been sown.

The third scenario is the scene of an accident. There's glass everywhere and we're shown a crushed car with an injured man being attended to by medics on the scene. Later, we see the female paramedic holding his hand and comforting him in the ambulance.

It's these little things, these markers of human connections, that help people get through trying times and that help make this journey called life a little more navigable. Just a single connection with one person is all we need -- be it a child, a significant other or a civil servant. It can be someone you know already or someone you don't. That's what the video for 'God Gave Me You' imparts.