TV show host Ellen DeGeneres loves the Heads Up! game for iPhone (she should — it's her brainchild) and fans love to send her videos of their Heads Up! fails. That group includes Blake Shelton, who was defeated during a hilarious round with RaeLynn and company.

If you don't have the app, this might explain why you've seen people walking around with phones on their heads. A word or phrase appears on the phone, and the guesser puts the phone to his or her forehead. The rest of the room has to act out the word or phrase. When this part of the game goes badly, people send it to Ellen.

After two fails involving older women, Shelton turns up (at about 2:20 in the above video). “He’s the type of player who thinks that yelling his guesses louder will make them right,” the host explains. She's right.

"Sword fight! Sword fight!" the country singer shouts as his group is trying to get him to guess "ping pong." The "God Made Girls" singer is in the room with a few other ladies. Miranda Lambert did not appear to be on hand for this round.

Shelton has had a good week. His single "Lonely Tonight" reached No. 1 and he turned up to sing "God Gave Me You" at Lambert's concert in Oklahoma City. The first ACM Awards promotional video with the singer and Luke Bryan also appeared. In this hilarious clip for the April 19 broadcast, Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones has to chase the two country singers off "his lawn."

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