Blake Shelton's 2009 hit 'I'll Just Hold On' came on the brink of his much deserved recognition as one of country music’s staple voices and of his unique way of delivering powerful songs.

The song, written by Ben Hayslip, Troy Olsen and Bryant Simpson, broke into the Top 10 on the country singles chart the same year of its release.

“[When we wrote this song], it was the second time I’d written with Troy Olsen and the second time writing with Bryant Simpson,” Hayslip tells Taste of Country. “I knew both of those guys, but they didn’t know each other.”

The song started with Olsen’s idea of ‘I’ll Just Hold On,’ along with a melody all three writers loved. The chorus came effortlessly as they told the story of falling in love with someone who does not want to settle down.

“I’m falling for you even though I know your only playing with my heart / Tomorrow might be hell / But a night or two of loving you is better than never at all / And I can’t help myself / So I’ll just hold on / I’ll just hold on / I’ll just hold on / Until your gone,” Shelton sings in the chorus.

“Troy had started that song probably a few years before we ever got together,” notes Hayslip. “With his idea and a good bit of the melody going, we just built the rest of the song around his idea. It’s always easy writing a song when there’s a melody and an idea already.”

‘I’ll Just Hold On’ debuted at No. 60 on the charts and soared all the way to No. 8 on Billboard’s country singles chart in 2009. Shelton kept his hit streak going with the follow-up release: a little song titled ‘Hillbilly Bone.’

Watch Blake Shelton Perform 'I'll Just Hold On'