Blake Shelton is making the most of his summer. In addition to marrying the beautiful Miranda Lambert and serving as a mentor to contestants on the hit NBC program 'The Voice,' Shelton has recorded a new album, set for a July 12 release. 'Red River Blue' is Shelton's sixth full-length studio album and his first in three years. In this new video, Shelton gives fans a peak behind the studio curtain.

Shelton shares a new song called 'I'm Sorry' in the video. It's one Shelton says he's had on hold for a few years, but has been too intimidated to record. "The only reason I haven't is because out of fear of whether I can actually perform that vocal or not," he says in the video. Finally he decided to give it a try and found he was very comfortable with the song, and happy with his performance. Yet something was missing.

"I sent John and Martina's [McBride] daughter Delaney a text that said, 'Do you think your mom would sing on my record with me?' She said, 'Yeah, it's too bad you don't have the nerve to ask her.'" Shelton has grown close to the McBrides, so texting the teenager wasn't creepy. He later called John and secured Martina's contribution, and he admits, "The record would not be half the record it is without her voice on it."

It's difficult to make out all but a few lyrics as Shelton tells the ballad's story over most of the verse and chorus. McBride's performance isn't obvious until the end when she's heard singing backup to Shelton. "Just because you look me in the eye / And say you're sorry / Oh you're sorry / You want it back the way it was / Well I'm sorry," we hear in the song's preview.

Shelton will be in North Platte, Neb. and Manhattan, Kan. this weekend before returning to L.A. for the final episodes of 'The Voice' next week.

Hear a Preview of Blake Shelton's New Song 'I'm Sorry'