Blake Shelton is a man's man. After sharing beers and venison jerky with Jimmy Fallon on 'Late Night,' the pair decided to duet on a hilarious rendition of 'The Pina Colada Song.' Sure, maybe they'd had one too many Bud Light Limes when Fallon and his guest, Shelton, picked up a mic and took the stage, but that made their 'guy time' all the more special.

While on the night show, Shelton talked about his small town wedding with Miranda Lambert and the fact that they served deer meat as an entree. This prompted the funny host to crack out a few strips of jerky and some cold ones in order to help his 'Honey Bee' guest unwind.

As they sipped and chewed, Shelton admitted to the audience that he never thought he'd be on 'The Voice,' much less television, adding, "And I don't plan on being on it ever again after 'The Voice.' I'm not a TV guy. I'm a country singer."

The country icon did take a lot away from his experience on the singing competition, however. "Honestly, I probably learned more from some of those kids I was working with than they learned from me, just because they still have that passion and that urgency of wanting to make it," he said of his mentorees. "Somebody like me, I've been doing it so long, somewhere along the way you kind of lose that. They remind you how lucky you are, back before I started forgetting who my friends and family are."

Shelton said that 'The Voice' was a "very emotional" experience for him because "you get so attached to these people along the way and you have to see them go week by week." He added, also, that he does keep in touch with his proteges and that he and Adam Levine text from time to time, though only to say things like 'Kiss my a---' and 'What's it like to be that stupid?' Boys will be boys, after all.

Watch Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Perform 'The Pina Colada Song'