Blake Shelton took a little break from 'The Voice' to sit down and chat with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday (Dec. 11), and although it wasn't the first time he's been on the show, the country star says it was the first time he was "famous enough" to snag an interview.

No, Kimmel has never invited the 'Lonely Tonight' singer to sit next to his desk, though they do have a close mutual friend. Kimmel has known 'The Voice' host Carson Daly since he was a kid -- he even admitted he got a little jealous hearing about Shelton and Daly's trip to a Bass Pro Shop recently. Kimmel says Daly doesn't even do anything that would require an accessory from the outdoor store.

“He had a cart full of crap. I mean it was piled up on there," Shelton dishes of the shopping trip. "He actually bought some man stuff for once in his life."

While Kimmel had Shelton under the hot lights, he also took the opportunity to quiz the singer on his hometown of Ada, Okla. Like, what the heck is in the small town? Who is Ada, anyway?

Shelton had no idea. The town's name is plastered on top of the water tower, but that's about the extent of his knowledge.

“We never even thought about the fact that there may be water in that," Shelton reveals. "It’s just a landmark. It’s the tallest building in Ada ... I never gave a crap about that water tower until I left. Now it says Ada on it, it’s a big deal."

>Kimmel also got Shelton to open up about the first song he ever wrote, one about a "b----" that made a fool of him. Despite the host teasing that he'd be performing it, Shelton and Miranda Lambert's bestie Ashley Monroe later sang 'Lonely Tonight.'

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