Blake Shelton loves to joke around. His latest victim was Lorianne Crook, co-host of the Crook and Chase television show, who he jokingly accused of driving drunk.. in front of a police officer!

See, Crook had been involved in a fender bender (not her fault) and, just as she was talking to police about the accident, Shelton arrived to be a guest on the show. Before the country star even said hello, he looked at the police officer and said, "Lorianne, I smell alcohol on your breath."

Later in the studio, they recounted the whole event for the cameras. When Crook declared the drinking charge was "such a lie," Shelton quickly pushed the joke even further, claiming, "...and I tasted it, you know what I'm saying? It's quite a greeting she had for me."

Crook then turned the tables on the 'Hillbilly Bone' singer by asking, "so I assume you have had run-ins with the law in your time?" Shelton sheepishly backed off, agreeing, "I'm just glad that they're after you this time." As for his advice on how the TV host could get out of her (phony) predicament, Shelton played the straight man, advising "there's different options. Run is one. I don't know, just lie, that's what I normally do. Just lie and blame it on other people."

Crook and Chase ended up bringing the police officer on set so he could meet Shelton. The officer was a good sport and clearly aware that the country star was just joking around, so no offense was taken and nobody walked out in handcuffs.