Blake Shelton is an understandably busy guy. When he's not on the road, he's either recording music or hosting awards shows and television shows, like his latest project, 'The Voice.' It's rare we go a day without seeing his name in the headlines, but at some point, Shelton says, there's got to be a little down time for his future wife, Miranda Lambert -- so he's taking some time off.

"One day Miranda finally said to me, 'Where am I? When's time for me?' And it was like, 'God, she's right!'" he admits to The Boot. "I was even on a call today with my manager, and he said, 'Man, 'The Voice' people called and they need you for...' I [interrupted and] said, 'No! They can fire me. I don't care! I've got to do what's right and spend some time with Miranda.'"

Shelton and Lambert are due to be married on May 14, and are planning on spending "almost" the entire month together, just the two of them. "I mean no friends, no family, just she and I just hanging out for the good part of the month," Shelton says. "That will be good enough for us that she'll go back to wanting to kill me again and wishing that I would go back to work."

Though, the 'Honey Bee' singer can't help but let his love life bleed onto his music a little bit, and it's likely that a big chunk of his forthcoming record will be about Mrs. Shelton-to-be. "There's a handful of things that people would expect from me about in-breeding and drinking and dogs stuck together and stuff like that," he says, but ensures that his latest songs will reflect his current standings. "But there will be plenty of positive, fun love songs, because that's where I'm at right now. I mean, I'm getting married in a month and about to have my manhood cut, but I'm happy about it for a change. I'm ready for that part of my life."

Sad about a Blake-less May? No worries! You can catch your favorite 'Hillbilly Bone' hitmaker on NBC's 'The Voice' every Tuesday night. His new record, which doesn't have a name just yet, will drop on July 12.