As a country music star, and now a television celebrity, Blake Shelton is riding pretty high on his career path. But the 'God Gave Me You' singer can't stress enough how important it is that he and his new wife, Miranda Lambert, make time for each other.

In the midst of filming 'The Voice,' Shelton was trying to maintain his country music presence by flying out of L.A. to play shows around the country on off days.  According to the New York Times, just prior to filming the finale episode, the country crooner sat down with one of his managers and said with a sigh, "I’ve got to spend some time with my wife." His manager replied, "It’s probably only going to get worse from here," which, of course, was not the response Shelton was looking for.

"It was like somebody shoved a knife through my chest," the singer admitted. "It just hit me so weird that I started crying. I had to be alone for a while."

Given the success of the show, and his music, Shelton is on a clear path to tackle entertainment in many mediums, but at what price? Not his wife, that's for sure -- and his latest single, 'God Gave Me You,' is just the reminder that the 'Honey Bee' hitmaker needs to keep his head on straight.

When Shelton first heard the original Dave Barnes recording of the track, he and Lambert were in a "it-could-have-been-over type fight," which is what made him decide to record it and spill his true feelings on his new album, 'Red River Blue.'

"The one thing we can’t allow to happen is we get so busy that we lose each other," Shelton said, stressing how important Lambert is to him. "Do I want to be the biggest star on earth? Yeah. Am I willing to do what it takes to be that?" The answer? A very poignant no, among other choice words.