Blake Shelton has remained a bit of a renegade throughout his career, even after wife and fellow superstar Miranda Lambert made a an honest man out of him. His sass and swagger are as evident in his red swivel-chair on NBC’s The Voice as they are on his Twitter feed, but apparently, there are some lines even Shelton won’t cross.

The star recently revealed to Ryan Seacrest on the host's KIIS radio show that if it weren’t for his more — ahem — conservative fans, there might be a Pitbull/Shelton collab pumping through our car speakers today.

"I got real close to doing a song with Pitbull one time," the country superstar shares. "There's just something about me being like a middle America country artist saying the word ‘motherf—ker' over and over again. It was like, 'Man, I just don't know if that's going to go over with my soccer moms.' So I opted not to, but I was honored."

Though country-rap collabs are not totally unheard of — Nelly’s ‘Over and Over' with Tim McGraw and ‘Cruise’ with Florida Georgia Line come to mind — it’s probably for the best this one remains on the shelf (seeing Shelton shaking his groove thing with the Latin megastar would be entertaining, though).

Shelton has walked the line of tough and teddy-bear-soft long enough to keep his edge but remain one of the most successful and likable country artists on the charts, not to mention the host of the ACM Awards. And we’d hate to see any of that go away due to a few choice words.

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