The first live show for 'The Voice' opened with a Queen medley featuring all of the coaches. Blake Shelton imparted country flair to 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are the Champions,' all the while rocking a vest with his skintight jeans. He sang against Cee-Lo Green before Christina Aguilera showed up, while Adam Levine played guitar; it was a collision of rock, urban pop and country -- and a strong start to the episode.

Shelton hinted at the emotional investment that comes with being a coach on 'The Voice,' saying, "How do people have kids? This is wearing me out, since you get so emotionally invested in every one of them and you don't want to see any of them going home." Ahem, are you listening Miranda Lambert?

He had lunch with his team in advance of the performances in order to offer them key advice about how to perform on the live shows, and told them how he used to imagine performing under the spotlight on TV when he was a kid and to just go for it. He also recounted how people approach him at airports, saying, "Blake? You son of a b-----. You drunk?" Why are we not surprised?

Shelton also performed on the episode, singing Maroon 5's 'This Love' with his team, in a nod to fellow coach Levine, who loved it, of course. It's a perfectly constructed pop song that showcased the best of all of Shelton's charges, who each sang the verses and choruses before Papa Blake appeared on stage to lace Levine's tune with a kick-ass country edge.

We all know Shelton provides the comic relief on the show. His most simple quote of the night was "damn it" when Raquel Castro, one of Aguilera's charges, performed. He was cursing his luck for not getting Castro on his team. When Beverly McLellan performed, with her bald head, neck tattoos and fierce style, Shelton said that the first time he laid eyes on her, she scared the hell out of him -- but that she now looked sexy and hot. "Daddy likey" was his comment about McClellan, and it was also his most hilarious statement.

As for his team members?

He acknowledged that Jared Blake struggles with commitment, with that whole "am I country or am I rock?" dilemma, so he counseled Blake to think about his six kids and channel that emotion into Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody.'

Dia Frampton sang 'Heartless' by Kanye West. Shelton suggested that she play piano because he wondered, "If you had something to dump that nervous energy into, would it help you relax?" She made the song her own. Post-performance, Shelton said, "This is my favorite moment of 'The Voice' because America got to see Dia Frampton do what Dia Frampton does."

Shelton recognized that team member Xenia is "fearful," and he wanted to help her to conquer those fears. The shy gal sang Jessie J's effervescent 'Price Tag' and Shelton said he would be the "buzzer" to startle her when she tries to retreat, twist her hands and fold into herself. He gave Xenia big bear hug after she performed, because Papa Blake was proud of his girl!

Patrick Thomas sang 'I Hope You Dance' by Lee Ann Womack. Shelton advised him to let the words move him, and Thomas said the song reminds him of his sister, who wants to sing but takes a back seat to her bro. Thomas wore a 10-gallon hat and gave it his all. Shelton said Thomas made country music look classy with his presentation and that he made Shelton look smart for choosing him for his team.

We find out who stays and who goes next week. Two team members will be voted on off: one by the coach, and one by America.

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