Newlywed couple Nicole and Josh Johnson, performing as Elenowen, and Jared Blake partnered up -- or squared off, depending on how you perceive it -- in the battle round for Blake Shelton's team on tonight's episode of 'The Voice.' They were all climbing a mountain in the form of Marvin Gaye's 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough.'

Now, Elenowen had a distinct advantage on paper, as they were two voices pushing up against Blake's single voice. But Blake stepped up his game to compete with the couple and to have his voice be heard completely.

During their mentoring session, Shelton's advisor, Reba McEntire, told Blake that he would need work to keep the attention focused on him and to keep eye contact with the crowd while Elenowen did their thing and performed. He did just that. Christina Aguilera even noticed, saying, " You were selling it and giving it to the crowd."

Ultimately, Reba McEntire didn't think the song was right for the couple and she felt Blake gave the stronger performance. It was ultimately up to the newly-married "Papa Blake," as he was affectionately referred to. Shelton was so proud of the way Jared Blake handled himself with a decided disadvantage. With his tattoos and doo rag, Jared Blake was every inch the rocker, but he also was able to perform a tender song about romance believably.

And that is why Blake Shelton chose Jared Blake to advance to the live shows. Who says that two heads  -- ahem, voices -- are always better than one?

Shelton didn't reserve commentary for his own team. He was his typical funny self, tossing off comedic fodder when commenting on performances by his co-coaches' team members. He said that he was so distracted by how good Javier Colon of Adam Levine's team was that he didn't even notice the pretty girl he performed with. He also said that Justin Greenan of Christina Aguilera's team looked like a teller at his bank, but loved that he pulled out his rock 'n' roll guns during his performance.

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Watch Jared Blake and Elenowen Battle It Out Over 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'