NBC is gearing up for Season 2 of their hit show 'The Voice,' which will hit millions of living rooms Feb. 5 after the Super Bowl. In this 30-second teaser, Blake Shelton joins his fellow celebrity coaches to talk about the essence of the show that had millions of viewers on the edge of their seats last season pulling for Javier Colon or Team Blake's own Dia Frampton.

"The blind auditions -- It's like Christmas morning," Shelton says in the voiceover, taking on his papa bear tone. "Man, you're sitting there and you have no idea what's about to happen on that stage behind you." Fellow coach Christina Aguilera describes the moment when a contestant's voice first rings out and hits the ears of the 'blind' judges, saying she feels like she's on pins and needles in that instant.

Speaking to the epic nature of the show, Shelton points out the significance of just hearing a person's voice: "It’s something that separates them from anybody else on the planet," he urges.

And while all this superlative talk may ring slightly over-the-top to someone who hasn't seen the show, those of us who drank in every second of last season can attest to the fact that it's no amateur karaoke night. The mixture of raw talent, celebrity investment and playful banter all shrouded in incredible music is enough to make even the most skeptical reality TV critic anxious about who will prevail.

Watch 'The Voice' Season 2 Commercial