It feels like only yesterday that Blake Shelton's charge Dia Frampton was the runner up on the debut season of 'The Voice.' Well, season two is upon us, and Shelton is already raring to go and plotting his methods for another round. Shelton revealed that he will retain last season's strategy of picking the singers with the most unique and different voices for his team. Obviously, Shelton has no interest in cultivating a poker face during the audition round.

"I am picking polarizing voices," Shelton reveals to The Boot. "That really worked out well for me last time around. There were a lot of great singers on that show, but there was only one Dia and one Xenia. They are so different from any other voices you ever hear. That's what the show means to me."

Shelton, who serves as a coach and a mentor to each singer on his team, thinks this season will be an improvement from last year, which was by no means a flop. In fact, it was a huge ratings hit. He thinks his show stands out from other reality talent competitions because of the way it's structured.

"That's the cool thing about having artists be the coaches -- we all have a different vision for what 'The Voice' is," he theorizes. "I think it will become even more dynamic this year, as far as how different each one of our teams are. Now we know what we're looking for and how to go about the game we play."

The second season of 'The Voice' will premiere on Feb. 5 on NBC, immediately following the Super Bowl.