Blake Shelton is going to have to create a disguise to wear out in public if he wants to avoid being recognized, because now that he's on NBC's 'The Voice,' he's pulling in a slew of new admirers who aren't even country music buffs.

Shelton shared with The Boot that he was out riding around Nashville last week following a recording session and stopped in a gas station for a snack, where the clerk immediately recognized him as one of 'The Voice' coaches. "I've been in the studio all week working. I've kind of been in a hole, and had not seen a lot of people. So, I went to the Tiger Mart/Exxon across the highway, and this was at one o'clock in the morning after I got out of the studio. I walked in there and grabbed a bag of Cheez-Its or something, and I put them up on the counter," he recalls. "I guess it's just because it's country music, a lot of my following has mostly been white people, and there was a cute black girl who was running the cash register. She looked at me and she kind of made this -- she didn't scream -- but it was kind of a 'HEY!' I said, 'Hey.' She said, 'Are you that guy from that show?' I said, 'Yeah, you're damn right I am!'"

The 'Hillbilly Bone' hitmaker adds that he's amazed by the power of television, especially since the show just premiered on April 26. "That's somebody that probably [wouldn't have known who I was], and she even told me, 'Man, I don't listen to country music at all, but I think that's a cool show and you're funny on it, and would you take a picture with me?' It's amazing the impact that thing has already had," he says.

'The Voice' continues tonight at 9PM ET with round two of blind auditions.

Blake Shelton Talks About His Role on 'The Voice'