Blake Shelton must have a lot of faith in 'The Voice' contestant Jessie Pitts. The country star used his last steal on Monday night's (Oct. 20) show to take her after she was released from Gwen Stefani's team.

When Team Gwen members Pitts and Ryan Sill came together for battle on 'The Voice' stage, Shelton was blown away, but apparently one impressed him more than the other during the cover of Ellie Goulding's hit 'I Need Your Love.'

For the performance, Pitts channeled her inner Goulding, sounding eerily similar to the vocalist. Sill showed that a guy can, in fact, cover this song -- and well. It was a performance that was dramatic and meaningful.

Shelton complimented each artist before Stefani announced who she thought won. He had great things to say about each one, from their pitch to their all around talent. He did, however, say he thought the song was more suited for Sill, which Adam Levine "respectfully" disagreed with, though he said Sill won the round.

Apparently, Stefani agreed.

Pitts began to walk away, but just in the nick of time, Shelton hit his button to save her from leaving 'The Voice.' Such a sweet moment, it even made Stefani cry and tell the country super star she loved him.

"You're so unique. I think you can win," Shelton told Pitts after securing her for his team. The two embraced before Stefani jumps in for one last hug.

Shelton is now out of steals and his team is officially complete. It was revealed recently that 'Honey Bee' hitmaker will return for Season 8 of the show, but Stefani will not.

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