On the second episode of 'The Voice,' country star Blake Shelton once again provided the show's comic relief, riffing mostly with fellow coach Cee Lo Green and inserting humor into his critiques of the singers.

Two contestants -- Angela Wolff and Curtis Grimes -- specifically targeted Shelton with their performances. The former sang 'The House That Built Me' by Shelton's fiancée Miranda Lambert, while Grimes got ballsy with a rendition of Shelton's own 'Hillbilly Bone.' Neither effort yielded the desired result, as Shelton passed on both performers!

We thought that Shelton might have been watching 'American Idol' in advance of his 'The Voice' gig, as he did throw the word "pitchy" around to one of the contestants. That term has been used ad naseum on 'Idol' this season, and Shelton was perhaps unintentionally following suit. Or maybe he prepared by checking out the competition.

Shelton summoned laughs when he pressed his button for singer Nakia, who brazenly covered Cee Lo's 'Forget You' with panache. "I was stupid to hit my button, since you are singing Cee Lo's song, but let me plead my case," Shelton said. "You sang really good and had the crowd going. At one point, I thought, 'I don't give a crap anymore. I can't hear you singing but I want to be facing that way,' since I felt like I was missing out on a party."

Shelton continued, gently ribbing the large and in charge Nakia, saying, "That's what I love about the show. You got the crowd going and you looked nothing like I expected. I didn't expect to turn around and feel threatened. Those are the things that make an artist. You are a big ol' white guy with a beard singing Cee Lo's song!" Nakia obviously chose to be on Cee Lo's team, to which Shelton declared, "Why would you pick him? He dresses like a peacock."

Adam Levine wasn't safe from Shelton's quick wit, either. When Levine chose Tim Mahoney for his team, thanks to the falsetto that caused him to mistake Mahoney for a chick and led to a joke about Mahoney having a penis, Shelton quipped, "You guys are gonna make a great couple."

When Tyler Robinson performed in his loud and colorful suit, Shelton chose him, all the while comparing him to Drew Carey, whom he looks absolutely nothing like. Shelton keeps us laughing with each passing performance.

Shelton was savvy when filling out the rest of his team. He didn't succumb to genre pressure and select every country artist to perform due to the obvious association. He selected from a wide range of genres, which could prove to his benefit as this season of 'The Voice' unfolds.

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