Throughout 2011, Blake Shelton has dominated not only the world of country music, but the world of entertainment. Shelton was one of the four celebrity coaches on NBC's hit show 'The Voice,' and topped the charts for four consecutive weeks with his smash single 'Honey Bee.' He made headlines when he wed fellow superstar Miranda Lambert, and performed on several high profile stages, including Brad Paisley's H2O II: Wetter and Wilder Tour throughout the summer months.

In 2012, Shelton plans on hitting the road full-speed once again on a new headlining trek that will be announced soon. But for the remainder of 2011, the singer will begin to slow things down to a certain extent, as he will play a handful of remaining shows and begin filming the second season of 'The Voice,' before closing up shop for the holidays.

"[This year], I signed on to tour with Brad Paisley, [and] about two months after that, I got this offer from 'The Voice' to be on that show," Shelton tells Taste of Country. "I wanted to do that, too. Dang it, that was rough because they were going on at the same time. We would film a day or two of 'The Voice,' and then hop on a jet and fly to wherever and do a couple of concerts with Brad. Then hop on a plane and go back. It was more than I'm willing to give [laughs]! Now with 'The Voice' starting again next month, I'm not touring this fall. I think there's maybe four or five shows that were already on the books or whatever that I'm going to do."

Shelton is looking forward to focusing on one task at a time, and he hopes to get to know his team and fellow coaches on 'The Voice' with a hectic schedule to deal with. "I'm not going to do that to myself again," he says. "There are things that I missed out on during season one of 'The Voice' because I had to be gone a lot. I don't want to miss out on stuff again. I want to get to know my team and get to know the other coaches more and spending more time with them. When you're gone all the time on your days off, you only really have a working relationship ... that sucks. So I'm saving any headlining tour stuff [for] next year."

The details for Shelton's headlining tour will be announced in the coming weeks, but it will go into full swing some time following the live tapings of 'The Voice,' which will wrap in May.