Depending on where you live, it's most likely cold outside this December, but country newcomer Blake Lively is feeling sunny and warm on his mood-elevating second single, 'I've Got This Feeling.'

Bracing, upbeat acoustic guitars and what sounds like a Beatles-esque sitar line further brighten the mood as Wise declares that a new love has helped him get himself together and build for a better future:

"Cause the sun is out / And it feels like heaven shining down / It's clearer now / And everything's gonna be alright / It's a better day / And it feels like winning / Like I say a new beginning / Baby you're the reason why / I've got this feeling."

Matter of fact, the lyrics brings to mind a similarly titled Beatles song, 'I've Got a Feeling' from 'Let it Be.' But enough with the Fab Four comparisons. Wise's influences are much clearer -- his father was a working musician who had Blake singing on stage by age two, and fronting his own band by age 13.

'I've Got This Feeling' is improving on the success of Wise's debut single 'Cornfields,' and both will appear on his yet to be scheduled debut album, expected sometime in early 2011.

Listen to Blake Wise, 'I've Got This Feeling'