The developer under fire for wanting to tear down the former home of King of Western Swing Bob Wills has put the place up for auction... on eBay.

The opening bid is just $.50, but he won't take anything less than 99 cents.

Of course, the catch is that you have to move the house -- and do so quickly. Granville Homes owner Darius Assemi has a permit to build a 200-home subdivision at the site of the boarded home structure, but he's being contested by a preservation society in Fresno, California. They might be fighting a losing battle, admitting a relocation might be the best way to go.

KFSN in Fresno reports that previous owners didn't realize they had Wills' one-time home until Assemi bought it in 2006. No one knew the heritage of the house until the last few months. It's sat vacant for seven years, and after some decay and vandalism, it's boarded up and occupied by a large beehive.

"You have to ask yourself this question: Would you want to buy a brand new home next to this house," Assemi tells the ABC affiliate.

June 17 is the deadline to get the house moved, but Assemi says if someone is serious about the purchase, he may be flexible. The eBay auction ends June 11. The Bob Wills Heritage Foundation and singer Merle Haggard have both been contacted to help out. Wills lived in the house between 1945 and 1947. He died at age 70 in 1975.

The house sits at 6410 Clinton Rd. in Fresno. The eBay listing says the cost to move the house would be around $40,000.