Brad Paisley talked to Buffalo's WYRK radio about his new single 'Old Alabama,' driving the pace car at this year's Daytona 500, and building a fishing pond on his property.

When asked about having the legendary group Alabama reunite to work on the new track, Paisley explained that "we realized the perfect bridge for this song is the bridge from (Alabama's 1982 hit) 'Mountain Music.'" Paisley continued, "So I contacted Randy Owen, asked him if he wanted to write it with us. Instead of sampling a piece of 'Mountain Music,' I had those guys come in and record a piece of it."

Another big thrill in Paisley's life came when he was invited to drive the pace car at the start of the biggest race of the year, the Daytona 500. "Man oh man. It's a crazy thing to look in your rear view mirror and see the entire fleet of Nascar drivers following you around the most famous racetrack in history."

So with his busy schedule, how does he get away from all that excitement? "On our farm, we've built a fishing pond," Paisley said. "It's become an obsession for me to be able have a small little pond -- it's about two acres of water that's taken a long time to get right. I've been working on that to where I'm able to catch fish on my own property."

'This is Country Music,' Brad Paisley's eighth studio album, already has two big hits in the form of the title track and 'Old Alabama.' You can check out the rest when it hits stores on May 24.