Brad Paisley's appeal is universal and crosses the language barrier; the star's H2O Frozen Over Tour was a massive, runaway success this past weekend as it rolled through Eastern Canada. Paisley performed for over 40,000 ticket holders, comprised of sellout crowds in the cities of London, Hamilton, Montreal and Ottawa.

Two major highlights of the trek occurred at the Montreal and Ottawa shows. Paisley played Montreal for the first time ever, performing at the Bell Centre on Saturday night. All pre-show advertising and promotion was conducted in French and reviews poured in praising Paisley and demanding his return. On Sunday, Canadian transplant and fellow country star Carrie Underwood and her hubby, Ottawa Senators star Mike Fisher, joined Paisley on stage for a rousing rendition of 'Alcohol,' which was his final encore.

Additionally, Paisley's 'H2O' tour is being featured on the episode of 'Modern MarvelsAmerican Trucking' that airs on the History Channel this Friday, Feb. 4 at 8PM CT. In this particular episode, the cameras followed Paisley and his crew on the road between Little Rock, Ark. and Tulsa, Okla. last November and recorded behind-the-scenes footage that depicts the inner workings and the manpower required to move a huge production tour from one city to the next in just a few hours.

The 'H2O Frozen Over' tour will resume on Feb. 10 in Atlanta, Ga.