Brad Paisley had a very special fan in Allie Greene, but she never lived to actually meet him. 31-year-old Greene passed away on March 1 after a two-year battle with colon cancer that eventually spread to her liver and lungs. Before she died, her wish was to have a big 'cancer-free' party with friends, family and Paisley himself.

Her husband, Brian Greene, knew he had to carry on her wish in her memory, but he also knew it was going to take a miracle and a lot of help to track down Paisley. The couple, who met at a Toby Keith concert in 2002, felt a kinship to Paisley, saying his songs had the right combination of love and humor.

No one really thought Paisley would come to the memorial service, but they made a video hoping to catch his attention via his Facebook and Twitter pages, requesting him to perform. Soon, Greene got a call from Paisley asking if he could come and sing at the party. "I was shocked," Greene says, "but apparently Allie was making this happen. He said the video really touched him."

At Monday's party, Paisley sang quite a few songs that meant something to his fan, including 'Celebrity,' 'Then,' and 'She's Everything.' Her husband says, "It was beautiful. It was everything she wanted. [Paisley] said he was privileged and honored to celebrate Allie's life."

People that attended the party earlier this week say that on that day, Paisley made everyone believe that nothing was impossible.

Watch Brad Paisley Perform at Allie Greene's Memorial