Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood just can't stop lovin' each other -- in a completely wholesome way, of course! The duo, who formed a fast friendship by touring together, can't stop talking about each others co-hosting talents as they look toward the 2011 CMA Awards.

"Brad is quick-witted," Underwood tells Country Weekly. "He’s good on his feet and he contributes a lot in the planning stages, a lot of ideas and stuff for gags and things like that."

Nope, says Paisley. Underwood is the best.

"She does, too. Some of the greatest things we’ve ever had. Like last year she said, 'What if you sang Lady Gaga?'" Paisley says. "Then the year before that there was this discussion: 'Who do you want to talk about in the monologue?’ I said, 'We’d love to mention [Tim McGraw and Faith Hill], but we just don’t know how.' And Carrie said, ‘They both have fragrances.' She has the best ideas of anybody."

We may need to leave the final determination up to co-host hopeful Miss Piggy.