Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton have gone on record to talk about their plans to prank one another and pull practical jokes on one another on their current tour together. They even spoke about pulling stunts on each other when they toured together during their early years. They weren't kidding. These two are serious about their practical jokes.

Boys will be boys, especially when it comes to birthdays. Paisley gave Shelton quite an unorthodox (by some standards) birthday present. Shelton's 35th birthday was this past Saturday, June 18. While his new wife Miranda Lambert hopped on stage to lead the crowd in a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday,' Paisley bestowed Shelton with a gift unlike any other he has probably ever had the pleasure of receiving in the form of a large man, wearing little more than boy shorts and a yellow bow atop his head. The man was presented to Shelton while performing.

Paisley tweeted the photo, writing: " My present to @blakeshelton on his birthday today." Hey Brad, paybacks are a you-know-what. Below is the photo of the "present."