Brad Paisley has hired Blake Shelton to open for him on his H2O II Tour this year, so it might be assumed that Paisley might get an invitation to the country star's May 14 wedding -- but he hasn't! But Paisley tells Chicago radio station WUSN that it doesn't hurt his feelings because weddings aren't his thing, anyway.

When Paisley married his wife Kimberly in 2007, they invited a bunch of people to their rehearsal dinner and then surprised them all by getting married right there. Paisley says, "That took away all of the pressure of it being perfect. They didn't even realize what was going on. They didn't even stand up when Kim walked down the aisle. There just wasn't any of that pomp and circumstance, and that made it fun for me because growing up and playing so many weddings they always felt like there was just too much pressure." He adds, "I have a feeling Blake and Miranda's wedding will be 900 times more different than that. There will be no pressure -- they're just really great laid back people."

Paisley recalls his fear of weddings came from being a local singer in West Virginia and playing many as a teenager. He says, "Bridezilla wasn't a term yet, but the mother of the bride would always freak out. These people who were normal up until they get married just became the biggest nuts, so I hope Blake and Miranda can stay sane that day and enjoy it and not be manic."

Paisley's upcoming album, 'This Is Country Music’ is set to be released on May 24. It will include a duet with Carrie Underwood, and Alabama will be featured on a tune. As was earlier reported, Paisley was in the studio with the guys and it has now been revealed they will sing their huge hit 'Mountain Music' with him. Other guest appearances on the album include Shelton, Sheryl Crow, Marty Stuart and the Eagles' Don Henley.