The lyrics to Brad Paisley's new single 'Camouflage' are right up the singer's alley. The tune gives his fans exactly what they've come to love and expect out of the comical singer-songwriter. Paisley penned the tune with Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois for his 'This is Country Music' album.

"This one was totally Brad's idea," Lovelace tells Taste of Country. "He brought it up, and said, 'What if we had a song called 'Camouflage'?' I said, 'OK ... what is it?' He said, 'I don't know ... it seems like a cool title. Let's see if we can do something with it.'"

"You can blend in in the country / You can stand out in the fashion world / Be invisible to a whitetail / Irresistible to a redneck girl / Camouflage, camouflage / Oh you're my favorite color, camouflage," they wrote in the song's lyrics.

"We started looking online at prom pictures of guys in camo tuxes and girls in camo dresses," Lovelace continues. "We started thinking, 'OK ... this could be pretty funny.'"

"I asked Jenny to the prom and her mom knew how to sew / So she made a matching tux and gown from duck blind Mossy Oak / We took pictures in the backyard before we went to the dance / And the only thing that you can see is our faces and our hands," they wrote in the second verse.

"Brad was really on a roll that night," says Lovelace. "We pretty much finished writing it that night, which is rare for the three of us to do when we write."

'Camouflage' was released as the third single from 'This is Country Music.'