Brad Paisley's fourth single from 'This is Country Music' is more fun than anything he's released since 'I'm Still a Guy' in 2008. The singer's sneaky sense of humor is at it's best in this tribute to 'Camouflage.' So is his guitar playing.

How much of the extensive soloing heard on the album version will make the radio cut remains to be seen -- we vote for all of it -- but even a few licks will once again prove why Paisley is amongst the best in Nashville. Lyrically, he's written a song that even the stuffiest of curmudgeons won't be able to keep from smiling at.

"I asked Jenny to the prom and her mom knew how to sew / So she made a matching tux and gown from duck blind Mossy Oak / We took pictures in the backyard before we went to the dance / And the only thing that you can see is our faces and our hands,"he sings during the second verse. Sure, it's somewhat of an eye-roller, but think how much fun the video is going to be. The idea of hearing this song in concert with 20,000 new friends makes one wish Paisley hadn't just wrapped up his summer tour.

"You can blend it in the country / You can stand out in the fashion world / Be invisible to a white tail / Irresistible to a redneck girl / Camouflage, Camouflage / Oh you're my favorite color, camouflage."

With the exception of 'Water' and 'Old Alabama,' Paisley has been sort of serious over his last seven singles. This song is a perfect reminder of how playful and mischievous he can be when he wants to. No one in country music does those two words better, and the timing of 'Camouflage' couldn't be more perfect.

Listen to Brad Paisley, 'Camouflage'