Brad Paisley is back to giving kiddos more of his great tunes on the 'Cars 2' soundtrack, only this time, he'll be collaborating with English pop superstar Robbie Williams.

Paisley contributed the songs 'Behind the Clouds' and 'Find Yourself' to the first take of the Disney movie, which will drop its sequel this June. With this go-round, the country superstar brings two new songs, including one which he says took him a bit out of his comfort zone and has a bit of a rock 'n' roll edge.

The song, dubbed 'Collision of Worlds,' is a mirror image of Paisley's relationship with his new musical partner Robbie Williams, the former member of English pop group Take That. Paisley admits that the continental effort was cool for him, and that he respects Williams' work -- even though it's much different than his own.

"The song is a rock vocal event with one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, Robbie Williams. It was John’s [Lasseter, director] idea to bring these two worlds together -- combining the English and American takes on music," Paisley says. "We’re both out of our comfort zone, seeing what happens when you’re forced into going new places, which is really what 'Cars 2' is about. It’s totally parallel to the story."

Williams shares similar thoughts about pairing up with the 'This is Country Music' hitmaker, and even offered a few behind-the-scenes details of their time together. "Brad turned up with his guitar and a basic understanding of what he wanted the song to sound like. He played me a few chords and we noodled and twiddled our way into forming this song," Williams says of 'Collision of Worlds.' "It’s back and forth colloquialisms between two different countries speaking the same language and not understanding each other -- until now."

In addition to the pop/country/rock track, Paisley contributes a sad song called 'Nobody's Fool' to the sequel soundtrack. "It’s inspired by the most heartbreaking scene in the movie," Paisley says, adding a bit of the plotline. "Mater realizes that everybody thinks he’s playing the fool, and he becomes sort of enlightened and realizes that he’s not playing the fool -- he is one. But Mater realizes he is who he is and that was inspiring to me."

Even if you don't have little ones, you can take Paisley's word that 'Cars 2' is uplifting for people of all ages. Go catch his inspiring new tracks in the follow-up film, which hits theaters on June 24, or grab a copy of the soundtrack when it drops on June 14.

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