It’s not a country music show without Brad Paisley, who stepped on stage at the 2015 ACM Awards to perform his latest single, "Crushin’ It" for a very large, very much adoring crowd.

A smile was on the artist’s face as he played a glammed-up version of his traditional paisley-printed guitar and wooed the audience with his charm. The screens behind Paisley flashed scenes of childhood, children crushing cans and caution tape emblazoned with the song’s title.

The tune was released earlier this year as the third single from Paisley's tenth studio album Moonshine in the Trunk, and it's an anthem for anyone whose day is simply not going their way. The weekend is finally here, so just shrug, drink a beer and crush it.

Paisley was up for Male Vocalist of the Year at the 50th Annual ACM Awards this year. He has won 14 ACM awards in his career.

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