After Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley helped the 'Sesame Street' gang fight childhood hunger, they relaxed with the cast and crew of the children's television show. Last week, Paisley tweeted a video of himself backing up Elmo on a jazzy version of the show's theme song.

"On my way to where the air is sweet," Paisley said via Twitter. It's just a 30-second, acoustic jam that Elmo sort of scats his way through instead of relying the song's actual lyrics. Then he sits back and enjoys Paisley's fine picking.

The Paisleys taped their appearance for a PBS special that aired on Sunday night. Elmo stars in the special, which is aimed at teaching kids -- and parents -- about the programs in place to curb childhood hunger. A new muppet named Lily debuted during the special, revealing that her family often visits a food pantry. Elmo is stunned to hear this, and he learns to appreciate something that he'd for so long taken for granted.

A recent NPR article explains that over 16 million kids live in “food insecure” households. The Paisleys explain that one in four don’t always know where food is coming from. The couple's appearance also served as a method of erasing any stigma tied to families that rely on the school for free or reduced lunch or breakfasts.

Watch Brad Paisley Jam With Elmo