Brad Paisley appeared on the 'Good Morning America' summer concert series this morning, July 15, to play a few of his latest hits, including a track from 'Cars 2.' While onstage, the singer also chatted with the crowd about his idol, hosting the CMAs again and which tunes are his favorite to play.

Following a performance of his latest single, 'Old Alabama,' Paisley confirmed that, yes, he will host the CMAs with Carrie Underwood again this fall.

While name-dropping a few artists that he has worked with, host Robin Roberts asked the 2011 Entertainer of the Year who he'd collaborate with that he hasn't already. "I say this every time I'm on TV. I always say Eric Clapton. He's obviously heard me at some point because I say it everywhere … He hasn't called, so," the singer joked.

Surprisingly, Paisley revealed that his favorite songs to perform aren't his big hits like 'Water' and 'Alcohol.' Instead, the hitmaker has a preference for brand spanking new tracks. "Anything new that's a hit, anything that's brand-new because you haven't worn it out and you're still experimenting with it. And yet, people know it when it's brand-new. It's exciting," Paisley said. "So, you're sort of learning it with people, which is what we're about to do with this 'Cars 2' song, 'Nobody's Fool.' I'm learning it in front of you, so you can judge for yourself if I've got it down yet."

Following his interview, the 'This is Country Music' superstar laid down 'Nobody's Fool,' much to the delight of the (many) tot-sized folks in the crowd. Paisley has two songs on the 'Cars 2' soundtrack.

Watch Brad Paisley Perform 'Old Alabama' on 'Good Morning America'