Brad Paisley will debut his 'Old Alabama' music video tomorrow, May 21, but rather than simply streaming it online, he's heading to the races. The 'Water' singer will premiere the new video with a bang at the NASCAR Spring All-Star Race in Charlotte, N.C.

"This song really is a driving song. So I like to throw all these things in a kettle and see what happens in a video," Paisley tells The Boot, and who knows driving better than speed racer Jeff Gordon? "I'm a big NASCAR fan, and I've become good buddies with Jeff Gordon," the hat-wearing hitamker adds, before leading into an ultimate name-drop. "He did a big thing on the CMAs last year, and Darrell Waltrip, and a guy named Rick Hendrick who runs Jeff and Jimmie [Johnson] and Dale [Earnhardt], Jr.'s race teams."

Not only will some of racing's biggest names appear in the 'Old Alabama' video, but country legends Alabama will as well. "Alabama's always had huge NASCAR ties. They've even had songs about it," Paisley says.

Remember when Brad Paisley was actually a part of Alabama back in the '80s? We don't either, but in the 'Old Alabama' vid, the country music prankster sneaks himself into a few scenes from the old days. "One of the fun things about the video is that we CGI'd me into the old Alabama videos, so I'm in their old clips," he says. "I'm me now, which is so weird. I remember changing my look a little more than that. They did change, [but] I'm never going to age!"

Tomorrow, Paisley and a special guest will sit down and chat in an interview with the Speed Channel, between 5-6PM ET. During the interview, a portion of the 'Old Alabama' video will be shown. Can't find a TV? The celeb-studded video will make its internet debut on following that run, where it will sit all weekend long.

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