Brad Paisley is used to stirring up trouble, but now the singer is stirring up one perfect storm! In the 'Perfect Storm' video, dark clouds roll in as Paisley plays guitar in the pouring rain.

Just as the rain starts, Paisley and his band begin to play. Pictures fly through the air and we get glimpses of the singer's fans whose images were selected for the clip. The 'River Bank' hitmaker asked his Twitter followers to send in photos of themselves, or someone special to them, wearing a T-shirt. It's fitting for a song with the lyrics, "she destroys me in that t-shirt."

Throughout the windy storm, Paisley grabs a few fan photos and even a T-shirt as it flies by. For most of the 'Perfect Storm' video, we see the singer wearing his cowboy hat (per usual), but there's one scene in which he removes it while standing in the rain. It's a rare look at Paisley hatless before he performs a guitar solo in a wet T-shirt.

The video was directed by Jim Shea and produced by Mark Kalbfeld, who has produced other Paisley videos in the past. 'Perfect Storm' hails from the 'Moonshine in the Trunk' album, which was released on Aug. 25.

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