This week, Brad Paisley was the victim of a horrible crime. During his H2O II: Wetter and Wilder tour, one of the opening bands, Edens Edge, decided to prank the superstar in good fashion ... By stealing his West Virginia Mountaineer's floormat and replacing it with an Arkansas Razorbacks mat. Paisley played back the prank by proceeding to set the new floormat on fire, which caused a big stir amongst his fans, Razorback fans and Arkansas natives.

Thursday night, Paisley decided to set the record straight through a series of tweets about the prank gone bad. "Time to talk about the prank against @edensedge I guess," Paisley said in his first of many tweets. "Here goes. My BELOVED WV floormat was stolen. In cold blood. STOLEN! And replaced with a Razorbacks one. And a ransom note. So ... Because as the headliner on the tour I have an obligation to win EVERY practical joke war, I took it up a notch by burning their mat. I did not direct this at Arkansas, or the Razorbacks. I directed this at the villains (@edensedge ) who stole my Mountaineer floormat. If they had placed a Crimson Tide, or Vols, or Buckeyes, or you name it - mat there, that is what I would have burned. It was not personal."

Fans were also a little hot under the collar after a YouTube video surfaced of the burning mat, which Paisley also cleared up Thursday night. "I also did NOT put it on YouTube," he tweeted. "Someone outside of my camp did that. I therefore apologize to anyone offended who may think I did. But as a tried and true West Virginia hillbilly I do not tolerate the stealing of my Mountaineer floormat. All others on the tour be warned. I guess it's a Morgantown WVU thing. We burn couches when we win. And door mats in revenge."

"In closing," Paisley went on, "I will be rooting for the Razorbacks this year. Lord knows you have a better shot at the title than we do. May you win em all. I hope we can get past this and still be friends. But not you @edensedge. You are toast."