Brad Paisley has been enjoying his recent tour stint in England. Not only can the award-winning American 'Water' singer go out in public without being recognized -- and bombarded -- but during his Wednesday night show in London, Paisley also had the chance to perform alongside rock n' roll great Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones.

During the encore of Paisley's O2 arena concert, the headliner invited the legendary Wood to the stage to perform the classic hit 'Let The Good Times Roll,' much to the crowd's delight. "Hi there! It's nice to be back here, especially with this great man," the famous Stones guitarist told the audience, motioning to Paisley.

Following their collaboration, Paisley brought out his support act Darius Rucker to deliver the chart-topping, drink-tapping hit 'Alcohol' to the lucky London fans.

Before the show, Paisley told the AP that he loves being overseas because he can go unrecognized. "I'm getting asked everywhere ... if I belong here, you know, 'Excuse me sir, do you have a pass?' ... (even at) my own gig!" He adds, "It’s humbling but it’s also pleasant. I can walk around here feeling like hardly anyone is going to know me."

Brad Paisley's tour stops into Ireland, Sweden and Norway this week. While country music is less traditional outside of the States, the singer admits he's just as loved by his growing fanbase in other countries. "It's really a pleasant surprise every time how much they know and how much they are familiar with my music, in a way that they really aren't in America."

Watch Brad Paisley and Ronnie Wood Perform 'Let the Good Times Roll'