Tourmates from 2012 will face off in this matchup. The Taste of Country Bowl is an online competition to find the best of the best -- the artist who, along with his or her fanbase, is the most powerful force in country music. Do either Brad Paisley or the Band Perry have what it takes to get to the finals? 

Both of these groups are preparing new music for 2013, with Paisley having just released 'Southern Comfort Zone' and the Band Perry watching 'Better Dig Two' soar to the top of the charts. Paisley may have the stronger resume, but Kimberly, Neil and Reid's new fan club, the Fans Perry, may be looking for a challenge just days into their official formation.

Voting for all Round 1 matchups will end on Jan. 13 at 11:59PM ET. You may vote for either Team Paisley or Team Fans Perry once every hour until then. The winner of the 2013 Taste of Country Bowl will be the artist and fans who work together to top the competition each week until the Feb. 4 trophy presentation. Will it be your team? Game on.