Big screen video games, a full bar and a live show that you get to be a part of. Who other than Brad Paisley could bring this fantasy and turn it into a reality for his 2015 Crushin' It tour?

"It has a countertop and taps at the end of it," Paisley tells Rolling Stone Country of his onstage bar (really!). "It's set up for 20 to 30 people ... It's fully functional. During the first song, there's no one there, but by the second song, we launch into 'Water' and there it is."

All it takes to become a part of the show, and the party, is a little luck and a good sense of balance. There is a four-foot riser that encompasses the bar, so guests are warned that they have to stay steady for the length of their participation — which happens to be about four songs. Even their exit off the stage is a purposeful element of the show. As "Beat This Summer" and the scene of a tiki bar fade out while guests leave, a thunderstorm and the intro to "Perfect Storm" rolls in, Paisley says.

Tour opener Mickey Guyton gets a chance at becoming a part of the bar-onstage action, too. She joins Paisley on stage to sing Alison Krauss' part on the duet "Whiskey Lullaby." Guyton sits at the bar that is set to look like a night club at the beginning of the somber tune, and makes her way to center stage to join Paisley on Krauss' part.

Originally, "Time Warp" was to follow the mournful song, but going from that to Mario Kart didn't really work.

"We ended ['Whiskey Lullaby'] singing, 'La la la la la la la,' and then Mario Kart music starts. It's that awful game show music playing as Mickey leaves the stage," Paisley explains. "It was something out of Ricky Gervais — like The Office or Veepthe awkward moment. We'll never make that mistake again. That doesn't follow 'Whiskey Lullaby.'"

But don't worry, video games are still included in the show, just in a more appropriate spot. Paisley even hinted that Nascar driver Jeff Gordon may make an appearance to play Nintendo Wii with a lucky fan at some point.

Paisley continues the Crushin' It tour with Guyton and Justin Moore through October, and will make stops in Nashville this June for the CMA Music Festival and as an opener for the Rolling Stones.

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