We all know that the plot behind Pixar's most famous flick, 'Toy Story' is a work of fiction -- when no one is watching, a child's toys come to life and experience great adventures. But on Friday, as Brad Paisley was turning off the lights and locking the doors for the night, he discovered something awry...

"Holy $&@! I went to turn out the lights in the playroom and look who I caught sneakin' around!" Paisley tweeted. "So it's all true then.." he added, insinuating that one of the toys in his kids' room had come to life.

In case anyone didn't believe him, the 'Water' singer even included a photo of the cowboy character, Woody, mid-stroll across his couch, staring at him like a deer caught in the headlights. Paisley didn't take credit for posing the figure upright and ready to bolt, so it had to be one of his two sons, William ‘Huck’ Huckleberry or Jasper Warren... Right?

It's obvious that Paisley has a softness for the 'Toy Story' gang, or at least his kids do -- and we can't help but point out how many similarities the country crooner has to the Woody character, what with the glued-on cowboy hat and all.

Just this year, Paisley produced two songs for the new 'Cars 2' flick, which marks the second time he has made Pixar soundtracks.