If his music career ever nosedives, which we highly doubt will ever happen because he's too damn good, Brad Paisley could always embark on a career at Walgreens. Yesterday, the active tweeter expressed his "disappointment" over how the aisles of Walgreens drugstores are organized, since he ran into one of the franchise's stores and could not locate a Band-Aid on the quick.

Now, anyone who's ever browsed the aisles of any pharmacy -- be it Target, CVS, Duane Reade or Walgreens -- knows that it can be overwhelming since there are so many products being offered, from lip gloss to incontinence remedies to Extra Strength Tylenol.

Since Paisley had to venture all the way to the back of the establishment to find what he was looking for, he took to Twitter to come up with a new floor plan. We're sure the corporate office will love his suggestions, and if they're wise they should take them into consideration and start making changes effective immediately.

First, Paisley tweeted: "Ran in Walgreens to get a bandaid for someone. They keep em in the very back corner of the store. That makes no sense. Here's what I propose."

The first order of business in the reorganization came in this tweet: "Put Walgreens aisles in order of urgency. 1: bandages. 2: exlax. 3. profilactics. 4: EPT tests. 5: aspirin. 6. beer. 7: diapers (infant & adult). 8: salve."

But Paisley was not done with the reordering effort, tweeting: "9. Candy. 10. more profilactics (for those who ran by # 3aisle too fast). 11: razor blades. 12: magazines & hand lotion. 13: cigarettes. You're welcome."

Of course, Paisley meant prophylactics when he wrote "profilactics," and a fan was kind enough to alert him of the misspelling. At least Paisley is all about the safe sex!

When someone suggested that beer have more prominent, easy-to-reach status, Paisley addressed that need, too, posting: "I will discuss it with management."

We just love Paisley's wicked sense of humor ... and his organizational skills, too! Are you listening, Walgreens?

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