Brantley Gilbert made his acting debut on 'Nashville' in 2012, which resulted in a number of "will you continue acting?" questions from media. Sure, the country singer says he loved playing himself on the show, but that music will always be his "true passion."

Truth be told, the 'Bottom's Up' singer isn't sure how he'd do if he had to play someone other than himself. And he's definitely not planning to stop making music anytime soon.

"I wouldn’t wanna do it and then have people confused about what my true passion was, or what my true priority was, and that’ll always be music," says Gilbert, adding that while it may not be his first priority, acting may be a fun hobby to get into -- especially if he can play a role he knows better than anyone else. "But you know, if the right part came across the table and it was somethin’ that I could play and kinda do me in, I might give it a shot."

Should he one day consider more acting roles, Gilbert insists they'd have to be as fun as his stint on 'Nashville' was.

"My priorities right now are set on music, it’s where my heart’s at," he says, "but if a role came across that I really felt like might be fun to play, or might be somethin’ fun to try. I [am] open to try about anything."

One more possible profession Gilbert can consider if this whole music thing doesn't work out? Being a wedding officiant! On Oct. 5, the ordained minister performed a wedding for two of his biggest fans at Mobile, Alabama's BayFest music festival. How's that for a renaissance man?!

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