Brantley Gilbert is making sure he never gets lonely on the road. The 'One Hell of an Amen' singer says that he's raised his dog to feel more at home on his tour bus than anywhere else.

Gilbert says that even when he's off the road, his pup, Sylo, still thinks the bus is his home sweet home.

"I park my bus at my house and since he was five weeks I’ve had him and brought him up on the bus, so he knows that’s his jam," says Gilbert. "He knows that’s his place. So even when I’m at home, I feed him up at the bus."

And if Sylo ever gets lost, the sweet dog knows just where to go to be found. Gilbert says that once, when Sylo disappeared from his side during a midnight walk, all he had to to was retrace his steps back to the tour bus, where he found his black-and-white pup waiting right outside the doors.

"He went back to the bus and was sittin’ at the bus door, but nobody let him in," says the 'Bottoms Up' singer with a laugh. "So he must have wandered off and went to the bathroom or something and then was like, ‘Don’t know where my dad’s goin’, but I know I’m supposed to be on that bus, I know that belongs to me.'"

It's a good thing that Sylo can always find his way home without help from his owner's voice. He's almost deaf, prompting Gilbert to go the extra mile to learn hand signals to communicate with his furry friend.

Going Home With Brantley Gilbert