Brantley Gilbert isn't your typical country singer -- especially in terms of his style and his attire. You won't see him in boots and ten-gallon hats. No, his style of country dress is more like a rocker, with his dark jeans, baseball caps, wallet chains and stylish accessories like leather cuffs and dog tags. Those are Gilbert's signature.

"...One of my biggest fears, when we were talking to labels, was that somebody was gonna try to throw me in some Wranglers and a bucket hat and tell me to sing somebody else's songs," he once said. "I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Wranglers and a cowboy hat. I'm not a poser man, I can't ride a bull, I ain't gonna wear the hat."

No bull riding gear here. Gilbert's regular dude style -- which no doubt helped him win the affection of Jana Kramer -- is simple to recreate. In fact, we've done it for you, and for less than $200!

The 'More Than Miles' hitmaker's dark-rinse jeans come in a basic boot cut and will set you back just $20 if you nab this pair. Grab a fitted Hanes tee from your local Target or online, since it'll show off your guns if you've got em. Plus, they're comfortable and withstand tons of washes and only cost you just $10 -- if that.

Dog tags have a distinctly military and American feel, and you can pick one up at Walmart to the tune of $42 or so. Get it engraved to make it even more personable.

Gilbert's thick leather cuff is another signature. It's sturdy and stylish, even if you're a rugged country guy. You nab one here for around $60. It's an investment piece, but it'll get a lot of wear, so it's worth a few extra dollars.

Never lose your wallet with a long double chain, which adds an extra layer of hardwear to your overall look for just $19.

Top it off -- literally -- with a bent brim black baseball cap, which will never, ever go out of style and will run you just 16 bucks.

There! You're good to go, just like Brantley Gilbert.

-Buy Arizona Jeans Basic Bootcut Jeans in Dark Rinse ($20) at JC Penney
-Buy Hanes Men's Nano-T T-Shirt in Black ($10) at Hanes
-Buy West Coast Jewelry Men's Tungsten Carbide Dog Tag Necklace ($42) at Walmart
-Buy Marquee Black on Black Double Buckle Cuff ($61) at Lucky Dog Leather
-Buy Thin Wallet Chain ($19) at Walletgear
-Buy Zephyr Zfit Blank Cap ($16) at Lids