Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer are still planning their wedding amidst their busy music careers, but their lips are sealed on when, exactly, they'll tie the knot. However, there's one thing they are sure about: they won't be waking up in Las Vegas as husband and wife.

The 'More Than Miles' hitmaker talked to a Jacksonville country station about the fact that he and Jana would be in Sin together for the ACM Awards this weekend, and obviously, it's a popular destination for getting hitched. "She would kill me," he states seriously. He confirms, "There's a wedding date and wedding plans" already in place, and he assures it's not before Sunday's big red carpet event.

Although Kramer and her 'so cute' fiance are both nominated for the New Artist of the Year Award, they won't let their competitive spirits come in the way of love. "We're both supportive of each other," Gilbert insists with a laugh. But he adds quickly, "You know, we both want to win it...."

Fans of the couple will have the chance to see them both perform at country's biggest party of the year, and we'll also see who has won the battle to be named New Artist of the Year. The friendly competition between the couple will bring a whole new meaning to 'for better, for worse!'