Brantley Gilbert is known for his rowdy, rough-around-the-edges persona, but it turns out he's a romantic gentleman at heart.

The country star dropped by WYRK in Buffalo, N.Y. for an interview on Thursday (Jan. 29), and he brought along his fiancee, Amber. The conversation turned to their upcoming wedding, and Gilbert revealed that he wrote a very special song before he proposed.

"I wrote a song to her dad, actually," he shares with Taste of Country's sister station. "It was called 'Your Little Girl.' We'd known each other for 10 years. We hadn't seen each other for five, or talked for five. I was kinda going through some stuff and acting like an idiot, and she wasn't gonna be a part of it. So we ended things, and while we weren't talking, her dad actually passed away."

Gilbert adds, "Me and her dad always had a cool little thing. Her mom knew I was trouble, and he did, too, but we kinda joked around, and we were buddies until the girls walked in, and then he had to be all serious. But I wrote him a song, and I actually stopped by and saw him at his grave that day, and put the song down. That was my way of asking for his blessing. Since I couldn't ask him for it, I just kinda talked to him a little bit, and then I sang that song to him, and asked her to marry me. And by God, she said yes."

He gave his bride-to-be a very special ring.

"I actually got to design the thing," Gilbert reveals. "I put a black diamond on the band, 'cause you know black's kinda my thing. So when I'm out on the road and she misses me, she can put it close and I'll be close."

They have been planning a June wedding.

"I'm getting to marry her that day, so I'm happy," Gilbert observes. "I just want to make sure that she gets what she wants, that she's happy with it. And sometimes I have no clue about some of the things she's asking me!"

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