Brett Eldredge brought his soulful single “Lose My Mind” to the Good Morning America stage on Tuesday (Sept. 15) and had the audience on their feet and clapping throughout the performance. The verses’ folk-rock flair and stomp-clap rhythm brought a fun vibe to the studio that morning as Eldredge delivered his tune with enthusiasm and charm.

The artist’s vocals were on point as he glided through the chorus and played it up to the cameras when they swept by. Eldredge even impressed the new 2016 Miss America, Georgia's Betty Cantrell, who sang along with every word.

Before he played, Eldredge spoke with host Lara Spencer about his new record Illinois, released Sept. 11, and about the increasingly dangerous stunts he’s been embarking on to celebrate each No. 1 he’s earned, including skydiving, swimming with sharks (“without a cage,” Eldredge notes) and on his to-do-list?

“I have go to eat dinner in the sky, like 300 feet in the air, hanging from a crane, strapped to a dinner table. I have to do it, because I said it out loud,” he explains. “If I get a fourth No. 1 I don’t know what I’m going to do."

Eldredge actually judged the Miss America pageant this week and helped choose Cantrell as the new title-holder. The artist is also about to embark on his Suits and Boots Tour beginning in New York City next month, he tells Spencer.

“Lose My Mind” is already a Top 5 hit on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and No. 6 on the Hot Country chart. If its current trajectory is any indication, Eldredge might want to leave some space for 'climb Mt. Everest' or 'run with the bulls’ on his to-do list.

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