A new music video from Brett Eldredge is always welcome, but it's even better when he's shirtless. The relative newcomer shows off his six pack in the 'Mean to Me' music video, and we give it a two thumbs up for the visual elements alone!

At the beginning of the clip -- which is shot completely in black and white -- Eldredge is getting ready in the bathroom, a white towel tied around his waist. As he looks in the mirror and slowly (sadly) gets dressed, he sings the utterly romantic lyrics that tell a special woman just how much she means to him.

It's clear he's preparing for a very special night out, and the anticipation on his face, coupled with the beautiful Chicago skyline, makes for a truly romantic video. The end shows Eldredge's face when he locks eyes with his special someone ... and it will have more than one female fan swooning.

"[The song] really puts a girl on a pedestal that she deserves," Eldredge tells People of the song he co-wrote with Scoter Carusoe. "Any girl that can deal with the craziness that men are deserves the world."

Such a steamy video and beautiful song must have been inspired by a pretty outstanding woman, right? Eldredge admits that right now, that girl isn't in his life, but he "wanted to have a song that you think of when you fall in love."

"One day I hope to be able to sing that song to a very special girl in my life," he says. However, its not all bad, because "I get to sing it to every girl in the crowd every night and that's a pretty awesome feeling too."

"I'm preparing myself the best I can for this girl because she is everything," the singer explains. "She is your world and you want to make sure everything is perfect for her. It kind of gave me chills shooting it."

Now, all the 28-year-old needs to do is find her.

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