"I have a certain cave in an undisclosed place right now, until I film it," Eldredge tells Taste of Country. "You have to swim underwater to get in the cave and then there's the most amazing acoustics inside."

The "venue" is a cavern, and to play a show he'll need to find some way to get instruments and video recording gear there, too.

"I'm gonna do a little concert inside the cave," he adds.

That will be his celebration for his fifth No. 1 hit, and if you're keeping score at home, yes, he is two behind. Eldredge still needs to do Dinner in the Sky, but he plans to soon. Previously he's gone skydiving, swam with sharks and been ghost hunting. An opportunity for a sixth idea may come soon, as "Wanna Be That Song" is nearing No. 1.

A seventh would be from a new album — Eldredge says his next single will be brand new music. This month he's returning to the studio to record his third studio album. He has been writing for two years and admits he has an idea of what he wants to create, but doesn't want to say too much, as he knows how that can all change once he enters the studio.

"Sometimes you discover some sounds you didn't even know you were going after," he spills.

To recap: look for new Brett Eldredge music in early 2017 and expect to see him swimming past you with a guitar sometime soon. That'll make three new albums in three years, as he just released Glow, a Frank Sinatra-inspired Christmas album in the fall.

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