Honesty, a big voice and the right song are what makes a country star, and Bri Bagwell has all three with her new single 'Whiskey.' The New Mexico-born and Texas-aged country singer thirsts for a man drowning his sorrows in a bottle of Jack Daniels. He should be taking comfort in her arms.

Bagwell's pain is palpable. She seems on the verge of tears herself as this cowboy she cares so much for wades his way through a dangerous whiskey river, hoping to find sunshine on the banks somewhere downstream.

"I wanna be your whiskey / Wanna erase her memory / In case you reach for the bottle when you're throttle / I wish that was me / And she left you alone / That burn gets you through the cold / What's in that river that makes you not miss her / That's what I wanna be / I wanna be your whiskey," Bagwell sings.

'Whiskey' is a doleful story to the very end. The singer resists any thoughts of turning this wonderful heartbreaker into a feel-good story as she patiently gets through the verses and chorus, avoiding the temptation to cram as many words into the steel guitar-filled spaces.

"Sometimes I think what the hell was she thinkin' / To hurt you so bad that she drove you to drinkin' / Oh but sometimes I am thankful she was temptation's dumb fool / Cause now I'm now I'm staring at you and I see / Baby your glass is still half full," she adds during the second verse.

According to Bagwell's Facebook page, she is still an unsigned artist looking to make a big break on her own before committing to a label. It will be a long battle to get major radio airplay, but at least she's not fighting with a broken weapon.

Listen to Bri Bagwell, 'Whiskey'